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Welcome to SWG Resurrection!

We are a Star Wars Galaxies EMU Pre-CU Server.

Our goal here at SWG Resurrection is to stay true to the Pre-CU experience.
We do not have insane XP rates, although we do do double or triple XP weekends or weeks. We strive to keep the game as it was pre-cu. We do not overpower the grind, as that was part of the fun. If you simply want a Jedi, or to max out as many professions, this server will take you a bit longer, as it was intended. We try to stay true to the game.

We do have a couple of new items, and NGE content, placed in the game, to make the gameplay better. You can find those if you look hard enough. The general mechanics, races, classes, and other features of the game remain unchanged as it was Pre-CU. Most of the items do not give a big advantage, and are there for simple ease of play.

We fully backup our server, with hourly and daily backups to ensure your player data is saved. We also professional host our servers in a datacenter, to ensure you get the fatest ping and most stable uptime.

Staff & Website
Our staff is a few dedicated SWG fans who played live, from inception. We strive to run this professionally and with integrity. We pride ourselves on being professional, fair, and understanding. You won't find a group of better and more dedicated players and staff.

Our website and supporting systems are designed with professionalism being a top priority. We utilize a robust ticket and knowledgebase system, so your issues do not get overlooked and we can track potential problems and provide information. Please use this if you have issues! We also have a knowledge base where you can find answers to the most common issues. You will find most answers there, WITH PICTURES!, if you look! This will save you time getting an issue resolved. The links for both are in the links box.

Join us in game and start your journey back into SWG. If you have issues, feel free to drop us a line in the forums and we will be happy to assist, and create a trouble ticket. Or just say hello!

Getting Started

We now utilize a knowledge base with tons of information on getting the game installed, up, and running smoothly. In the event you need assistance or encounter problems, there are troubleshooting documents you can read. Most problems can be fixed by reading our Knowledge base, regardless if you are new to SWGEmu or a seasoned vet!

Creating a character

Once you get to the login screen, you can choose your account name and password. If you are new to the game, your account will be created. There is no forms to fill out. Just install the game, connect, and go!

For assistance installing, please follow this comprehensive guide:

Installing SWG Resurrection Client & Launcher

If you have questions or need assistance, please submit a trouble ticket and someone will get back to you within 24 hours. Or you can post on the forums for community support, or hop on Teamspeak and get some one on one assistance!

Ticket System

See you in game!