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General Discussion

[Pinned] Creating a Ticket - Guidelines

When creating a ticket, please make sure you place your IN GAME CHARACTER NAME.We have seen people use their real name for the ticket, and that is fine, but we then have no idea how to contact them in game.Please put in a ticket:Your namedetails o...
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New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] NGE Housing Coming

NGE Housing Coming.... Stay tuned..
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How-To Section

[Pinned] How To Get Connected to Discord

Please visit the KB Article on Discord.Click here to visit.This should help you get connected.
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Discord Voice and Chat Server

SWG Resurrection,We have moved from Teamspeak to Discord. It allows more flexible communications.Look for a KB article on installing and connecting to discord.To obtain discord, go here: invite code for SWG Resurr...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] New Players - Introduce Yourself!!!

If you are new to SWG Resurrection or SWG, please take the time here and introduce yourself to the community. We would love to hear a little about you, what character(s) types you intend to play and anything else that is interesting.Ready, go!
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[Pinned] TeamSpeak
General Discussion

[Pinned] TeamSpeak

join us on TeamSpeak!Server: ts.swgresurrection.comPassword: resurrection16Please use ingame character name with real name. (So we know who you are! :))Have fun!
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Policies and Rules

[Pinned] Character and Account Policy

Please read our Character and Account Policy
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Policies and Rules

[Pinned] General SWG Resurrection Terms of Service

Please read the terms of service on our Knowledgebase:
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New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] Knowledge Base - Need Help?

Need help?Looking for answers or information common to this server or SWGEmu? Or, are you having issues and want to find assistance?Try our knowledge base! It contains entries of common topics of problems, and suggested fixes. Can't find what you ...
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Support for Launcher

[Pinned] SWGEmu TRE File Download
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Support for Launcher

[Pinned] Assistance installing Launcher
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New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] We have a helpdesk!

SWG Resurrection,We know have a help desk for you to enter in your issues, problems, and feature requests.This helpdesk will allow us to better track any issues and updates that are needed, while also having a structured place to put issues with t...
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New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] SWG Resurrection Staff Needed!

SWG Resurrection,Now that we are growing we need a couple of people to helpWe need:1) A person to post us on all the websites, media, voting sites, and mainly SWGEMU forms. We will use a SWG Resurrection login.-help us get the word out!2) Devs - w...
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[Pinned] What is a Season
Development Season Forum

[Pinned] What is a Season

A Season can be a difficult concept, and can mean a few different things. Here at SWG Resurrection, here is what we are using to define a Season.We may also post upcoming Season information.- A Season is a collection of Dev/Admin updates released ...
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Ideas and Thoughts

[Pinned] SWG Resurrection Development Forum

This forum is for you to post your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and suggestions. We are not here to heavily debate. DO NOT BE RUDE. I will delete the post, and possible silence or ban people who are offensive. No time for that!We want to further the...
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New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] New Additions - Coming Soon for 2017

SWG Resurrection:Below is a small list of some changes and implementations I expect to put into the game by the first quarter:1> Updated Jedi System - I am working on a new updated custom Jedi system. I am tossing around the idea of implementin...
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Support for Launcher

[Pinned] New Launcher : Getting Started

Hey guys, welcome to SWG Resurrection! Whether you are old are new to the server this guide might help you to get started and get things going. Let's start out with the basic prerequisites that you need to connect to the server.- Your SWG discs to...
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Service Status

[Pinned] Server down for additions 1-4-2017

The server will be offline for about 1 hour and 45 minutes while we add new additions.Check this thread for status on when it is completed.You asked.. we listened!Additions being added:1) Jedi -Jedi Padawan is fully implemented -Jedi trainers...
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New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] New Launcher Coming Soon...

SWG Resurrection is getting a brand new launcher!It will be based off Launcher V1.4 from Nugax, that a few SWG Emu Private servers are currently using.Features include:- Full custom TRE file updating automatically. No more will you need to downloa...
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Service Status

[Pinned] Dedicated Server!

We now have another dedicated server! I am in the process of buiding the server.We will NOT lose any data, so rest assured that your data should be in good hands.We will take down the server at some point in the future to move over the Linux game ...
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