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#12958639 Jan 02, 2017 at 10:30 AM
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SWG Resurrection:

Below is a small list of some changes and implementations I expect to put into the game by the first quarter:

Updated Jedi System - I am working on a new updated custom Jedi system. I am tossing around the idea of implementing the old Village system (although it isnt finished yet) so I would love to hear your thoughts. I have a poll attached at the end on what you like. We are a low-modified server, staying true to SWG as it was on live Pre-CU, so changing much about the Jedi system might not be good. let me hear your opinions. We value your thoughts, because you are the players!

2> New Buff Terminals - multiple levels of buff abilities, and the ability to charge money (as of now the terminals are free). I would like smaller buffs than the standard 1900 offered as well, and maybe shorter duration. I have this currently in progress.

3> Implementation of NGE Housing and Vehicles. I doubt I will add to much more NGE items, but these are too cool. This isnt a NGE server, so i'm not adding tons of NGE items.

4> Continued updates to SWGEmu Project. I want to support the project and continue to keep their changes, while keeping the server stable. Thats a tough job!

[b]5>[/b/ Black Market Dealers - Dealers where you can purchase high end items at a high cost. The locations of these guys change and should not be published so the community will have to help ya find them!

We are a community so I would love to hear your thoughts and comments please. Please vote in the poll if you can and send feedback.



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#12959270 Jan 02, 2017 at 03:09 PM
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[i]1. Not too familiar with how Jedi worked; was never interested in it.
So whatever system you decide to implement is fine by me (as long as it aint easy!)

2. Your plan with the Enhancement Terminals sounds great

3. The plan for some NGE items sounds good also.

4. Also a good thing 😁

5. Love the idea of Black Market Dealers! Maybe add stuff like the Tsmeu-6 speeder (General Greievous' speeder). Totally awesome.
#12959326 Jan 02, 2017 at 03:42 PM · Edited over 1 year ago
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1. The village was like the most hated thing about becoming jedi. I wouldnt really recommend keeping that even though im not against it completely in fact i prefer it mostly because I dont want to see jedi being rampant and I think a lot of people wouldn't want to do the village lol. I think if you were to keep the Village you would need to simplify it or at least make it shorter while still maintaining the difficulty.

2. Terminal's... Okay, first of all I dont necessarily like how they are free, so im glad that you'd be changing them. I also think that they shouldn't heal your wounds or empty your stomach, they should be strictly for buffs to help getting started. One of my foundest memories of pre-cu was when I was a doctor and had a massive line of people in front of me while I raked in the dough, so I am very against terminals in general. The reason I find them somewhat acceptable in the first place is mostly because, I think that terminals help improve the experience for newer players joining the server. I'd imagine once we get fulltime doctors and such that they would mostly disappear. I do however, think it'd be cool to have lower stat buffs for cheaper, just try not to compete too much with the high end doctor buffs.

3. NGE housing is good, not a massive fan of them though since to me they somewhat break immersion (some people care lol). I understand though, that there are those that love them so I'm willing to accept that.

4. You bettter keep updating the game, its your job! LOL :)

5. I didnt have much of a problem with the black market dealers before, the biggest thing I had with them was that they were extremely expensive. Having a low population means that there's no one to sell credits to really, and thus making it so you need to run maybe 20 missions to get the CHEAPEST speeder. I guess maybe that would be okay if we had a higher population but, I believe making them cheaper would attract more players during the early stages of the server itself. I think maybe if you were to introduce them, you could make them cheaper during the random days, so that it would allow players to have to keep checking if they find one. It would be pretty awesome to find a black market dealer with 50% off on a sith speeder :P

My thoughts in general: I personally want to see more unique events happening. I want to see custom currency, that we can use to claim rewards during those events (santa hats on xmas anyone? ;) ). I've already passed this idea to Nugax, but I figure it's probably better to put it out in the open.
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#13041807 Feb 05, 2017 at 07:38 AM
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I liked the hologrind actually, was not a fan of the village.
#13041858 Feb 05, 2017 at 08:11 AM
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The village is out. I am even considering removing it from the game completely.

You do not need the village for Jedi.


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#13041879 Feb 05, 2017 at 08:24 AM
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I'll chime in here with my thoughts.

As a player that started SWG a few months after the NGE hit, I believe it was January 2006 I started, I never got to experience the game pre-NGE or pre-CU. During those first few months, I showed a genuine interest in the pre-NGE and pre-CU versions of the game. As such, I watched the development of SWGEmu with great interest. Quite recently I decided to dive in and specifically looked for servers without the insane XP rates of 10x combat, 5x crafting and so on. I wished to experience it the way it was; real, unaltered pre-CU pain.

As for the first point; I have a feeling I will eventually work my way up to jedi. I have no problem with taking it slow and surely would like to experience the ways of "The Village". From what I heard and read, it seems an interesting way of getting where I want to go.
I'm not that familiar with the holo-grind. As I understood it, it was about looting datacrons/holocrons that informed the player about what profession to grind next.
My preference would be the method using the village.

As for point 2; this is not a bad idea, as the server is currently lacking players to hand out buffs. Getting them from terminals until there are enough players to give them, would help players.

3: NGE housing was one of the best things of the NGE. Totally in favor.

Point 4: I won't judge about how much of a tough it is; I can only imagine. :)

As for point 5: I would like to refer to point 2 for that; it comes in handy until there are enough people on the server to provide those items wanted.

Just my thoughts about the points brought forward.

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#13041890 Feb 05, 2017 at 08:28 AM
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Excellent thoughts. I am creating an "Ideas" Forum for you guys to post wishes, and ideas for the server!

I can't promise all will be done, the ideas and wishes will be looked at, and implemented based on server direction, and also honestly what the server wants.

I will also use Polls in there so vote for your favorite idea, wish, or question.

If you don't vote, dont be mad if something is implemented you do not like. I/we listen to the players and if you don't want it (or do) we will do our best to implement it - if it is deemed possible and worthy.

Creating forum now, post ideas and wishes there!


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