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A Season can be a difficult concept, and can mean a few different things.
Here at SWG Resurrection, here is what we are using to define a Season.
We may also post upcoming Season information.

- A Season is a collection of Dev/Admin updates released all together in one (or two) releases. A Season is not neccesarily the one time the server goes down for implementation, but more of a development lifecycle of that content.

It consists of:

  • New content and additions
  • Updates and other minor fixes to current content
  • Minor configuration changes non-import
  • New loot, mobs, quests, spawns, and themed story quest lines (fun fun!)
  • Shifting focus on development cycle and tasks
  • Hints and tips on how to use/navigate the new content
  • Other stuff I forgot to mention

- That is NOT an all comprehensive list. We may also release other hotfixes and/or random patches and updates not part of a Season. These usually are due to the fact that they can cause system instability or they are making in inadvertent gameplay problems.

- A Season is also tested on our test server prior to going live. This is to avoid issues. Not all issues will be caught, but we want to make sure we release new content in fashion that works.


How do you determine the next Season?

- Good Question.. we will heavily rely on our Wish list forum and new idea forum. The game is for YOU, the player. So may your opinions known. Be advised, sometimes, due to system, other factors, and ease or ability to implement, some changes just cannot occur the way you'd like them. We will do our best to listen!

Will Seasons follow a development cycle i.e every 6 months?
- The answer is NO. Although we would love to, we cannot follow a set schedule. We will do our best to not interrupt gameplay with updates, yet some are unavoidable. We will release Seasons only on our schedule and it can be erratic.

So thats it. Simple, easy, and straightforward. Please, please voice your opinions for content and additions and modifications. This is where I get ideas. It can be anything.

Thank you for playing on SWG Resurrection! May the force be with you.


SWG Resurrection - Lead Admin/Dev
SWG Resurrection Project

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