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#13044323 Feb 06, 2017 at 08:18 AM
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SWG Resurrection,

Now that we are growing we need a couple of people to help

We need:
1) A person to post us on all the websites, media, voting sites, and mainly SWGEMU forms. We will use a SWG Resurrection login.
-help us get the word out!

2) Devs - we could use 1 person to assist in minor development. We use git hub and code repo so changes acan be test on test server if you are new to coding.

3) QA/Helper - We could use one person to assist in small matters like stuck characters, lost inventory, etc.

Please message me here and ingame (nugax) if you are interested in assisting. If you have the will and desire, we have a place for you!

Thank you everyone!


SWG Resurrection - Lead Admin/Dev
SWG Resurrection Project

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