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SWG Resurrection,

We know have a help desk for you to enter in your issues, problems, and feature requests.

This helpdesk will allow us to better track any issues and updates that are needed, while also having a structured place to put issues with tracking ability.

You will receive an email if you give your working email, so you can track what we do with your issue, request, feature request, or bug report.


This is how I will track issues from today on. I will not track issues in the forum. It's far to hard to keep up with issues on the forum, I have a hard time just finding the message someone put in about their issue, especially with all the new activity.

Using it should be self explanatory. Go to the site, enter a new ticket, select the correct groups, and issue title, and save. I will be notified and can start working on it (or someone else if we need to send it somewhere else, or we get more devs!)

If you create a ticket, please give enough information for me to try and reproduce the issue. SWG can have issues on either server or client side, so what you are having an issue with could be from your client, and not everyone else may see it or be experiencing it.

Thanks for supporting the project!

You can use the link at the left or bookmark this:


SWG Resurrection - Lead Admin/Dev
SWG Resurrection Project

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