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So your new toon just took his/her shiny new Imperial issued CDEF rifle out on a killing spree and have enough XP for that 1st Skill Box. Now you're thinking you could really use an upgrade, and maybe a change of clothes, maybe even a synthsteak and a nice brandy. You head over to the bazaar and What The .... there is NOTHING for sale. Fear not my friend, please make sure and check the VENDOR Location tab, and remember to check the entire galaxy in addition to your current planet.

Now that message is not the point of this post, The point of this post is that even the vendor listing will not give a true showing of the crafting abilities of this servers crafters. There are professions not represented in the vendor list as having anything for sale yet there are a variety of crafters available should you need one. I for one have a Master Architect who currently has nothing for sale, so what I would like to list what I have available should anyone need any of my services, I would also like other crafters to join in if interested so that we can make sure incoming players can get ahold of what they want/need rather than just thinking it's completely unavailable.

Since this in not a "I must haz all da customerz" thread, please feel free to respond to any of the needs brought to this thread, feel free to offer your services. This is also not a free stuff thread, but I'd rather not have bidding wars here either, this is to help fellow players get there stuff and play the game.

Here's what I have and I can help with.

Master Artisan
Master Architect
Master Armorsmith
Master Weaponsmith
Master Doctor - Can make stims
Master Image Designer - Can stat migrate
Master Ranger
Master Smuggler

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
Please post here in this thread, I check the forum several times a day, you're more likely to get my attention here than in game, tho you are welcome to try there as well, just ask for Tarl in Ressurection chat.
Current Main Characters
Tarl - TKM / Master Swordsman / Novice Fencer
Archi - Master Architect / Master Weaponsmith / Master Merchant
Kevlar - Master Armorsmith / Master Artisan

Believe it or not, I HATE crafting.
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#13492485 Oct 21, 2017 at 03:08 PM
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I'll chime on this message. I currently have the following traders available:

  • Master Artisan
  • Master Architect
  • Master Droid Engineer
  • Master Chef
  • Master Tailor
  • Master Image Design
  • Novice Bioengineer

With certain items both Tarl and myself can help you out. If there is something specific you need, let it know and we'll see how we can make it happen.

Althenya - Master Medic
Carista - Master Artisan, Master Architect, Master Droid Engineer
Cayly - Master Image Design/Mayor of Echo Base on Naboo
Ceena - Master Dancer
Freyi - Master Chef, Master Tailor, Master Merchant
Guinevere - Teras Kasi Master, Master Medic (Jedi wannabe)
Krent - Novice Shipwright
Pascalle - Master BE
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#13492656 Oct 21, 2017 at 06:36 PM
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You guys are great! 😎
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