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[Pinned] New Players - Introduce Yourself!!!

If you are new to SWG Resurrection or SWG, please take the time here and introduce yourself to the community. We would love to hear a little about you, what character(s) types you intend to play and anything else that is interesting.Ready, go!
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Creating a Ticket - Guidelines

When creating a ticket, please make sure you place your IN GAME CHARACTER NAME.We have seen people use their real name for the ticket, and that is fine, but we then have no idea how to contact them in game.Please put in a ticket:Your namedetails o...
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[Pinned] Discord Voice and Chat Server

SWG Resurrection,We have moved from Teamspeak to Discord. It allows more flexible communications.Look for a KB article on installing and connecting to discord.To obtain discord, go here: invite code for SWG Resurr...
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[Pinned] TeamSpeak
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[Pinned] TeamSpeak

join us on TeamSpeak!Server: ts.swgresurrection.comPassword: resurrection16Please use ingame character name with real name. (So we know who you are! :))Have fun!
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[Pinned] Rules & Policies
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[Pinned] Rules & Policies

SWG Resurrection's policies for the most part are very lenient. However, there are few things we'd like everyone to take into consideration.1. No racism, or harassment. - We like to maintain a friendly and clean environment for all to enjoy...
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[Pinned] How to add the Chat Channel - Resurrection

So many of you have noticed that the server does not have a general channel for chatting. We have added this.Note: DO NOT add the Channel Labeled Chat. This can cause system instability with in game commands.Channel Name to Add: ResurrectionSteps ...
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[Pinned] SWG Resurrection BETA Launcher Link

Here is a link to the Launcher. We have a BETA released.The full version will be included on the website. you need help, please post here in forums, or join us on TeamSpeak. The informa...
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Launcher Question

What version of the launcher does everyone have?
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General Discussion

New Post on that everyone could go write a nice comment on our post! We can attract new players from this!
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General Discussion

Bestine Museum Paintings

This week the current museum painting is the 'Residential House'. Get one while you can. Up next within the next couple of weeks will be a new painting depending upon the Bestine Museum quests. I plan on updating this post as paintings change!
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General Discussion

New players: Start here.

Greetings new players,This post holds information that can be helpful while playing on the server. Those that have played Star Wars: Galaxies before, might find this familiar and may want to skip down to the planet selection. Those that have never...
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Useful SWG Guides and Items

I found this during my travels. Contains some really neat stuff. Check out the Explorer maps, totally cool.
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JTL progress....

I happened to stumble upon this during my incidental search through the SWGEmu boards. :DSo glad I'm grinding a shipwright at the moment. :)
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Cheap Copper Batteries: Has anyone seen them?

I have been farming Meatlumps outside Coronet for 2 weeks now and not one single CCB has dropped. Has anyone seen these items? According to the Recycler guides, meatlumps should be dropping them. Maybe I have just been REALLY unlucky with the RNG....
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Sending Droids on Maintenance runs crashing server??

Hello all, I really hope this is not the case but today after the server was up, I sent my droid out to perform a maintenance run. As soon as I pressed go, I could not open any crafting tools and after about 2 minutes, connection to the server was...
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is there any plans to do xp bonus over Xmas(i guess that ship has sailed)/New Year holidays...since a lot of people actually have a chance to use it since they are home for few days.You gave more then a week for Halloween.Also as server admin what...
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Savaac needs assistance to correct resource name

A Tat wild oats called Tasi has spawned but Tasi was entered at GH on 08/14/16 as a Fermionic Siliclastic Ore. Savaac has temporarily renamed the ore as misspelledtasi so that the oats can be entered. He needs assistance to find the correct name f...
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Reduction in XP gain

Has there been a reduction in xp for mob kills?I was killing Fambaa missions on Naboo and getting 4880xp each in only getting 4040 xp for the same kills in the same group...Anyone have a similar observation?
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Hothian Aluminum on Naboo

Hello,I have been traveling around Naboo, leveling my new artisan and decided to record the current resources to Galaxy Harvester. I came upon a rare material that is listed at Hothian Aluminum called Ewoian. To my surprise, GH does not have this ...
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Assistance Needed - SWG Resurrection

Greetings,SWG Resurrection needs someone, who can write a well thought out forum post for posting on the new SWGEmu forums (Private Server Forum).I'd like it to include the culture of our server, the dedication of preservation to pre-cu/original S...
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