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[Pinned] Creating a Ticket - Guidelines

When creating a ticket, please make sure you place your IN GAME CHARACTER NAME.We have seen people use their real name for the ticket, and that is fine, but we then have no idea how to contact them in game.Please put in a ticket:Your namedetails o...
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[Pinned] Discord Voice and Chat Server

SWG Resurrection,We have moved from Teamspeak to Discord. It allows more flexible communications.Look for a KB article on installing and connecting to discord.To obtain discord, go here: invite code for SWG Resurr...
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[Pinned] New Players - Introduce Yourself!!!

If you are new to SWG Resurrection or SWG, please take the time here and introduce yourself to the community. We would love to hear a little about you, what character(s) types you intend to play and anything else that is interesting.Ready, go!
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[Pinned] TeamSpeak
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[Pinned] TeamSpeak

join us on TeamSpeak!Server: ts.swgresurrection.comPassword: resurrection16Please use ingame character name with real name. (So we know who you are! :))Have fun!
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[Pinned] Rules & Policies
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[Pinned] Rules & Policies

SWG Resurrection's policies for the most part are very lenient. However, there are few things we'd like everyone to take into consideration.1. No racism, or harassment. - We like to maintain a friendly and clean environment for all to enjoy...
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[Pinned] How to add the Chat Channel - Resurrection

So many of you have noticed that the server does not have a general channel for chatting. We have added this.Note: DO NOT add the Channel Labeled Chat. This can cause system instability with in game commands.Channel Name to Add: ResurrectionSteps ...
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[Pinned] SWG Resurrection BETA Launcher Link

Here is a link to the Launcher. We have a BETA released.The full version will be included on the website. you need help, please post here in forums, or join us on TeamSpeak. The informa...
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Assistance Needed - SWG Resurrection

Greetings,SWG Resurrection needs someone, who can write a well thought out forum post for posting on the new SWGEmu forums (Private Server Forum).I'd like it to include the culture of our server, the dedication of preservation to pre-cu/original S...
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Drove past DJM and some dark adepts on way to Imperial Stronghold on Lok. Don't remember seeing in live but don't mind having more around
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The Pool underneath Fort Tusken

Hi there,I have been on a badge hunt lately and the final one that can't seem to get is the one of the Pool beneath Fort Tusken. It seems those Tusken Raiders are to much for one person to handle. Is there anyone that could give me hand with this?...
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Bestine Museum Paintings

This week the current museum painting is the 'Residential House'. Get one while you can. Up next within the next couple of weeks will be a new painting depending upon the Bestine Museum quests. I plan on updating this post as paintings change!
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SWG Shadowfire merging with us!

We are happy to announce that Shadowfire EMU will be merging their player base into our server. Let's give them a warm welcome!Also, welcome to the new Admin and Developer Darkbane, owner of Shadowfire. He will assisting us on SWG Resurrection. Sa...
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Decay Rate on Swoops

The decay rate on swoops seems a bit high, did 1 1/2 missions and the condition went down from 2215 to 1840 after i just got done repairing it. Not sure as well but the swoops seem a little slower as well. So far everything else seems fine.
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General Discussion

Fusion power generator

Today I decided to put together a fusion power generator and there were a few things that I noticed:This is part of the window before assembly. Here it states the experimentation that can be done, is on storage (hopper size). I would have expected...
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Vet Rewards

Are Veteran rewards active on SWGRes server?
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Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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GCW Rebelion vs the Empire

Do we have any idea on how the rebels vs imps stands on the server? Is the server Imp heavy or do the Imps need help on the server?
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General Discussion

Which does everyone prefer...?

SWG Harvester or SWGCraft? Personally I prefer SWGCraft...seems like a nice lay-out and I know how to use all its features.But for general useability, which do you guys and gals prefer?
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General Discussion

Cities and people

I was wondering if there are any other player cities out there I have seen only Terra Nova as of yet. Is there any places with vendors with armor, weapons, food, buffs?
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Where can I get a SWG disk?

My SWG disk was thrown out during a move since the game went belly up. I just found this site, and can't play anyone know where I can acquire another copy?
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