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Decent Resource Spawns - Masterlist

Please use GalaxyHarvester when you find a good spawn so we can all find the great stuff!
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Novelty203661Small wanzo 78d

Master Armorsmith

I got Master Armorsmith today :) Woot. Need Neutronium Steel, let me know if anyone sees an active spawn.
Small Akitto 135d
Akitto71006Small Akitto 122d


I was just wondering what kind of crafters there are on this server.Personally, I was aiming for DE but I'm inclined to swap that for Architect. Looking on the Bazaar, I see a few swoops and some general items tools. But I kind of get the feeling ...
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Carista61007Member avatar small Carista 143d


Looking for a few blaster rifle barrels. If anyone has a couple to spare, I would love to buy them from you. Thanka you - Tesla
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GearHead1388Small GearHead 166d

Why... I get General Crafting XP when I craft Reinforced Combat Staffs and not Weapons Crafting XP...even tho a Combat staff is located under the "Weapons" tab of the crafting tool?!?!?Explain please and thank you.
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