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I got the exit quest from the old man. I have little difficulty defeating his crony's and the crystals, but the zabrak mentioned in the subject seems to be a little over my head. I have a feeling a couple of people should be able to handle this du...
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Leveling guide for new padawans

To everyone that wants to make a Jedi, a link to a leveling guide for new padawans: has some good information.
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Village phase 3 - Melee Accuracy

I have spent some time going around the various base locations and their names and for this current phase, I have them all on my map of Dathomir. Seems the base closest to the village itself, is the Alpha base. So if anyone has the shield remote f...
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Link to Jedi Path Archives from SWGEmu.

This link was posted in Discord by Bhodi, thought it would be helpful to share here for those interested or in need of memory refreshing.We are currently using the Village system as it is currently running with the SWGEmu.
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Jedi Progression

Has anyone done the Jedi progression? If so, does it go to the village properly?
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Village Phase

For those wishing to know, the village entered phase 1 today. That makes the following the four phase cycle:Phase 1: 03-10-2017Phase 2: 24-10-2017Phase 3: 14-11-2017Phase 4: 05-12-2017 (ends 25-12-2017; Christmas day (lucky villagers))Next cycle o...
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Bounty Hunters??

Started the Village grind tonight. Get out your Bounty Hunters guys, I'm on my way. :D
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So i was wondering if there is a timelock involved in unlocking the Jedi or not?
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