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Link to Jedi Path Archives from SWGEmu.

This link was posted in Discord by Bhodi, thought it would be helpful to share here for those interested or in need of memory refreshing.We are currently using the Village system as it is currently running with the SWGEmu.
Small Tarl 48d
Tarl1122Small Tarl 48d

Jedi Progression

Has anyone done the Jedi progression? If so, does it go to the village properly?
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 59d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)2177Member avatar small Carista 59d

Village Phase

For those wishing to know, the village entered phase 1 today. That makes the following the four phase cycle:Phase 1: 03-10-2017Phase 2: 24-10-2017Phase 3: 14-11-2017Phase 4: 05-12-2017 (ends 25-12-2017; Christmas day (lucky villagers))
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Carista1244Member avatar small Carista 70d

Bounty Hunters??

Started the Village grind tonight. Get out your Bounty Hunters guys, I'm on my way. :D
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Carista5410Member avatar small Carista 83d


So i was wondering if there is a timelock involved in unlocking the Jedi or not?
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Nikaa474976Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 261d
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