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Looking For Work

R U looking for ITEMS? - plz read!

So your new toon just took his/her shiny new Imperial issued CDEF rifle out on a killing spree and have enough XP for that 1st Skill Box. Now you're thinking you could really use an upgrade, and maybe a change of clothes, maybe even a synthsteak a...
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Tarl3370Small GearHead 126d
Looking For Work

Creature Mounts for sale.

UPDATE:Original stock is gone.I did find a low lvl BE to get me some lvl 9-10 mountable pets, they are ready to be trained. Probably best time to get ahold of me in game is on the weekend.New stock is as follows;2 Dewbacks HAM 1100s2 Cu Pu s H...
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Tarl51199Small Tarl 282d
Looking For Work

looking to place a vendor for merchant exp

looking to place vendor to level merchant exp hopefully in a home that has crafting stations, not too far from major starport and if possible someone whom is master merchant. any help appreciated cant really afford to place a home to do this right...
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wanzo2536Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 321d
Looking For Work

Wanted - Crafting Stations !!!

I would like to buy 3 General Item Crafting Stations - highest FR.Please email in game.Or place offer on my offer droid in Terra Nova Mall.
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Sato2630Small Tarl 322d
Looking For Work

Buying Steel/Ore Any stat

Buying Steel/Ore any stat post here if you are interested in selling
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XionicFire2793Small Noela 333d
Looking For Work

Mals Resource Shopping List

Mals Resource Shopping List:Looking for some of the following resourcesShoot me a tell with amounts or offer to one of Mal's Vendors in Mos Krayt...Will also trade suits of armor or other items for the resources. Varyfio: Oridium Intrusive OreTewa...
Small Malganus 337d
Malganus71180Small Tarl 335d
Looking For Work

Wanted - High BER Med Harvestors

Please place offer on offer droid in Terra Nova - Highest BER
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Sato1430Small Sato 337d
Looking For Work


I am buying any amount (hopefully a lot) of that 1000 quality spawn of copper.I will pay 5 cred per unit. Prefer 100k or 50k stacks!Put it on my offer droid in the Mall on Terra Nova!Need as much as I can get!Also buying iron and steel.
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Sato1459Small Sato 343d
Looking For Work

Buying resources

I am buying resources:Needed:CopperIronChemical AluminumI have an offer droid in the Mall in Terra Nova, Corellia.Go present an offer! No reasonable offered refused!Quick money!
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Sato61031Member avatar small Noela 345d
Looking For Work

Needed - Medium Harvesters!

I need 3-5 medium harvesters! Please make an offer on my offer droid in Terra Nova Mall, Corellia.Thanks,
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Sato5944Member avatar small Carista 347d
Looking For Work

Swoops for Sale! Terra Nova Mall

I have a current run of high quality swoops for sale!Come on out to Terra Nova Mall, Terra Nova Corellia.Cheapest in the galaxy! 2200+!We have some cheaper ones available as well, 1900+!
Small Sato 349d
Sato1379Small Sato 349d
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