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[Pinned] Server down for additions 1-4-2017

The server will be offline for about 1 hour and 45 minutes while we add new additions.Check this thread for status on when it is completed.You asked.. we listened!Additions being added:1) Jedi -Jedi Padawan is fully implemented -Jedi trainers...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)82139Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Service Status

[Pinned] Dedicated Server!

We now have another dedicated server! I am in the process of buiding the server.We will NOT lose any data, so rest assured that your data should be in good hands.We will take down the server at some point in the future to move over the Linux game ...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)92654Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Service Status

[Pinned] SWGEmu Forum Post post comments on our forum post if you can! Lets get more players!
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)0866Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Service Status

Server Down - 12/11/2017

SWG Resurrection,The server will be going down for reboot and work on our backup process at 10:15 AM CST.Please check this forum for when the server is back up.Thanks,
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 76d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)4299Member avatar small redwolfao 75d
Service Status

Server down for maintaince - 11/8/2017

SWG Resurrection,The server will be going down around 11:30AM CST for some unplanned maintaince.The server will be down no longer than 2-3 hours.Check the website for server status!Thanks,
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 109d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)2234Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 109d
Service Status

Server Reboot and Maintaince - 11/6/2017

We will be taking down the Live SWG Resurrection server today at 8:30AM CST. During this time, we will disable Double-XP, and apply some SWG Emu changes, fixes, and updates.Check here for service updates, including downtime.
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 111d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)4297Small GearHead 109d
Service Status

Server Reboot and Backup - 10/31/2017

Happy Halloween!The server will be going down for reboot and upgrades.We will be turning on double XP for 1 day only! Play on halloween.Expected downtime should last 15-30 minutes.
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 117d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)4325Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 116d
Service Status

Server down for reboot & patch 10-17-2017

SWG Ressurrection,The LIVE server will go down for approximately 30 minutes.We will be doing some minor adjusts and a full core rebuild.Expect these new changes: A character may now have <UP> to 4 characters online on the same account. The...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 131d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1182Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 131d
Service Status

Server outage - 10/14/2017

SWG Resurrection,The server is down currently, due to an outage at the hosting center.We are working to get it back up.We are unsure of downtime at this point.Thanks,
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 133d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)3343Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 133d
Service Status

Server Reboot - 10/12/2017

The server will go down for a full reboot.Approximate downtime > 30 mins.
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 136d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)2232Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 135d
Service Status

Client Link Down

I noticed that the client link is down. I am not sure why but the client file is it on the server. I will fix this in the next couple of days. If you have a temporary link for the update server, please reply with it in this thread.Thanks!
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 165d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)2360Small Tarl 165d
Service Status

8/20/2017 - Server Downtime

SWG Resurrection,The server will be down this morning for a large update and backup.Patch 2.0 details will be available after the update.
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 189d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)7919Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 187d
Service Status

7-14-2017 - Server Downtime

The server was down with unexpected downtime. Our datacetenter that hosted the server had power issues and our server was rebooted.The server and SWG Resurrection Login Server and service has been restored.Thank you.
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 225d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)2569Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 225d
Service Status

Server downtime 7/10/2017

SWG Resurrection,The server will be down today for about 4 hours. We are working on the server.Please check this thread or your launcher to see when the server is back up!Thank you!
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 230d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)2458Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 229d
Service Status

7/6/2017 - Server Update/Backup/etc

Server restart planned for 7/6/2017 at 11:00 AM CST.The server will be down for approximately 30 mins - 1hour.We will include a new server build.
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 234d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)91007Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 231d
Service Status

4/23/2017 - Server Reboot

Server reboot and rebuild. Approx downtime - 45 mins
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 308d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1594Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 308d
Service Status

Server Status 4/20/17

The server is offline, and we are taking the chance to preform maintaince. The server will be rebuilt and back online in about 1 hour.Thanks,
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 311d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)2612Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 311d
Service Status

Server Reboot - 4/10/2017

Standard server reboot. 15 Minute downtime.You can check the status on our new Server Status box on the website! Or check this thread or your launcher. You will know! :)
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 321d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)3674Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 321d
Service Status

Lost items or skills

SWG Resurrection,There was a server reboot, and I am seeing reports of items missing. Also skills.If this happened to you, please create a ticket and it will be resolved, as best we can.We are looking into why it rolled back, but this is a unstabl...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 325d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1400Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 325d
Service Status

Server Status - Reboot 4/5/2017

SWG Resurrection,The Live server will be going down for a full rebuild and reboot today, in order to keep it running smoothly!Expected downtime is 1 hour.Thanks.
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 326d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1511Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 326d