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New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] NGE Housing Coming

NGE Housing Coming.... Stay tuned..
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)173880Member avatar small redwolfao 8h
New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] Knowledge Base - Need Help?

Need help?Looking for answers or information common to this server or SWGEmu? Or, are you having issues and want to find assistance?Try our knowledge base! It contains entries of common topics of problems, and suggested fixes. Can't find what you ...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 293d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1550Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 293d
New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] We have a helpdesk!

SWG Resurrection,We know have a help desk for you to enter in your issues, problems, and feature requests.This helpdesk will allow us to better track any issues and updates that are needed, while also having a structured place to put issues with t...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 306d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1551Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 306d
New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] SWG Resurrection Staff Needed!

SWG Resurrection,Now that we are growing we need a couple of people to helpWe need:1) A person to post us on all the websites, media, voting sites, and mainly SWGEMU forms. We will use a SWG Resurrection login.-help us get the word out!2) Devs - w...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 309d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1493Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 309d
New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] New Additions - Coming Soon for 2017

SWG Resurrection:Below is a small list of some changes and implementations I expect to put into the game by the first quarter:1> Updated Jedi System - I am working on a new updated custom Jedi system. I am tossing around the idea of implementin...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 344d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)71778Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 310d
New Updates and Additions

[Pinned] New Launcher Coming Soon...

SWG Resurrection is getting a brand new launcher!It will be based off Launcher V1.4 from Nugax, that a few SWG Emu Private servers are currently using.Features include:- Full custom TRE file updating automatically. No more will you need to downloa...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)01032Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
New Updates and Additions

Should we add character (player count)?

The question is:Should we add player count (which only shows characters, not real users), to the main page, launcher, both, or not at all.Vote, and I will see what we should look into it.
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 246d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1487Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 246d
New Updates and Additions

Voice Server Changes

SWG Resurrection has discontinued it's Teamspeak server.We now fully use Discord. It is a lot better. It allows text and voice chat.Go get on it if you aren't already!
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 268d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1309Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 268d
New Updates and Additions

Adding Barc & Sith Speeders

Greetings SWG Resurrection,We are in the process of adding new Barc and Sith Speeders into the game.Stay tuned for more information!
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)31361Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 293d
New Updates and Additions

What's in the works?

We are adding some new things to the game. We are trying to only add a few items, and retain our pre-cu nature, but a few things are just too cool.Some of the things we are currently adding are:ITEMS-Ability to craft sith speeders (thanks to Savag...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 312d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)2807Small GearHead 311d
New Updates and Additions

New Launcher!

We are releasing a new launcher very soon! Be on the lookout for it.
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 332d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)31091Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 312d
New Updates and Additions

Update TRE File for Latest Jedi Updates

Please update your resurrection_01.tre file for the latest content and Jedi.Download TRE File HereOnce downloaded, copy this file to: c:\swgresurrection\tre Overwrite or delete any older copies of this file.Thanks!
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 342d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)71760Small GearHead 342d
New Updates and Additions

SWG Resurrection Dedicated Server Specifications

Server Specs 2 Quad Core AMD Process - 8 Total Cores 32 GB Memory 2 TB Hard Drives 1GB/s Internet Connection / Fiber Based Kansas City, MO Centrally Located Dedicated / Co-Located Server
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)0766Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
New Updates and Additions

Publish 8 Now Live on SWGResurrection Servers!

Publish 8: A Galaxy DividedSystem Improved server stability Made some performance optimizations Made some adjustments to reduce server memory usage Fixed some memory leaks Fixed some more causes of database bloatSpawns/World Impr...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)0871Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
New Updates and Additions

Black Market Dealer(s) Added

Somewhere, around the galaxy, black market dealers have been seen and added.You can purchased high powered vehicles, weapons, upgrades, and other items here.. Not all extremely legal though so beware of the Stormtroopers.
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)41715Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
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