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Ideas and Thoughts

[Pinned] SWG Resurrection Development Forum

This forum is for you to post your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and suggestions. We are not here to heavily debate. DO NOT BE RUDE. I will delete the post, and possible silence or ban people who are offensive. No time for that!We want to further the...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1721Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Ideas and Thoughts

Jedi System

So, this is always the debate in SWG Emu. I know not everyone cares or plays Jedi, but please vote here.I am torn between two things:1) Code (re-code) my own Jedi system 2) Use the standard Pre-CU Village. (not currently completed)What would you l...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 322d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)132875Small Tarl 276d
Ideas and Thoughts

Would like to see...

...TEF system implemented. Always though it was a great feature.
Small GearHead 1y
GearHead102361Small GearHead 357d
Ideas and Thoughts

Type: [Request], Adjustment of Startport/Shuttle Wait Times

Quick recap of change requested/Bug description:Reduce Shuttle wait times to instant or 60 secondsQuick reason why requesting change/repair/fix:IMHO uncesary Live timesink that is not required anymore(in a 1-10 scale, 10 being very heavy workload/...
Small XionicFire 1y
XionicFire71604Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
Ideas and Thoughts

Petition to change the wound terminal.

Okay, so I know that the terminal that gives us free buffs and removes our wounds is pretty convenient right now however, I've noticed a few people asking how they are supposed to gain wound healing exp for dancers etc. This petition is for that r...
Small Novelty 1y
Novelty183830Small Novelty 1y
Ideas and Thoughts

[Bug], /Invite not working properly

Quick recap of change requested/Bug description:/invite only works while in visible rangeQuick reason why requesting change/repair/fix:normal (live & pre-cu) operation allowed /invite to work anywhere regardless of distance(in a 1-10 scale, 10...
Small XionicFire 1y
XionicFire3871Small XionicFire 1y
Ideas and Thoughts

[Bug], Structure Factories not Operating Properly

Quick recap of change requested/Bug description:Manufactured Items are being created in sets of random crate sizes and not consistent with live operationQuick reason why requesting change/repair/fix:Current state of structure factories considerabl...
Small XionicFire 1y
XionicFire3836Small XionicFire 1y
Ideas and Thoughts

[Request], Make Factory Items Stack to Max Schematic Size (1000)

Quick recap of change requested/Bug description:Change max factory crate size to 1000Quick reason why requesting change/repair/fix:This has always been a major problem since live, and just like 100k resource stacks it should have never been this w...
Small XionicFire 1y
XionicFire3806Small XionicFire 1y
Ideas and Thoughts

Vet Rewards / Voting

I know this will be a pain to code but its an idea. Here goes.... We all know voting is essential to attract new players but sometimes people need something to make them excited to do so. I was thinking it would be neat to have vet rewards but not...
Small Akitto 1y
Akitto31053Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 1y
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