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Wound Terminal

I was wondering if we could either get a wound terminal in the Mining Outpost on Dant or possible one in my city Wego Beje so we would not have to jump planets to buff up everytime.
Member avatar small chumlie 5d
chumlie267Member avatar small Carista 5d
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storing vehicles

It would be nice if we could store our vehicles after combat has started. You were able to do that on live and any other server I have been on. It was a pain I lost two sith speeders on the path to get glowy.
Member avatar small Chumlie 36d
Chumlie9230Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 34d
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Online character limit

So, I am currently using my medic to heal my entertainer for healing xp. That being said, I have reached my online toon limit. Would anyone like the idea of opening a 3rd online slot, so we may continue to advance other characters?
Small GearHead 132d
GearHead11785Member avatar small Carista 121d
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galaxy harvester

could a link to galaxy harvester be added here? I know some prefer craft but galaxy is a lot more friendly to use and on eyes plus the planet maps are nice feature not in craft.
Small wanzo 314d
wanzo1525Small wanzo 314d
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Monthly Events

This may seem odd coming from an admin on the site because I could make this happen pretty easily. The biggest constraint that I have with this idea is that I don't know what kind of events everyone wants and im also not a coder, so anything requi...
Small Novelty 1y
Novelty41208Small Noela 334d
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Tansarii Point Station

At some point I hope to see the return of Tansarii Point Station. It was a great tutorial and definitely had a lot more to it than the original.
Member avatar small JerecTamalic 349d
JerecTamalic81509Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 344d
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Guild Hall/House item limit

I would love to see the number of items a house and/or guild hall can hold. I like to collect a lot of things as I travel the Galaxy and setting down an extra house to act as 'storage' is cost prohibitive (plus it eats up a lot). Yes, I know extra...
Small GearHead 1y
GearHead3987Member avatar small Carista 1y
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