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[Pinned] What is a Season
Development Season Forum

[Pinned] What is a Season

A Season can be a difficult concept, and can mean a few different things. Here at SWG Resurrection, here is what we are using to define a Season.We may also post upcoming Season information.- A Season is a collection of Dev/Admin updates released ...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 309d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1546Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 309d
Development Season Forum

Season 1 - Patch 2.0

New updates for the new patch! Full Jedi Village system!System Improved server stability Fixed some memory leaks Made many server performance optimizations Added a much more graceful server shutdown procedureSpawns/World Updated som...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 112d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1408Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 112d
Development Season Forum

Season 1 - Patch 1.4

Updates and changes with this patch:[*] - Set factory back to SWG Defaults (by suggestion)[*] - Recreated Database files[*] - Various Server updates and fixes (backend)[*] - Removed Jedi SystemNote on Jedi: Jedi is currently in development. We ar...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 150d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1440Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 150d
Development Season Forum

Season 1 Patch 1.3

We call this patch: "Give those crafters some wookie lovin!" Updates and changes with this patch:[*]List item one...[*]Reduced Factory Timers[*]Changed the rates on harvesters to x3 rates. (You will have to recreate them.)[*]Changed resource sta...
Small Azureth-(Dev/QA) 264d
Azureth-(Dev/QA)2836Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 264d
Development Season Forum

Season 1 Patch 1.2

We call this patch:"You asked, we listened"Updates and changes with this patch: Stability fixes Increased house storage sizes (you can now store more items in each house. Rename chat implementation engine for server manager Reduced shuttle wa...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 292d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1629Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 292d
Development Season Forum

Season 1 Patch 1.1

Patch:-Fixes to remove planet Mandalore from travel kiosks. You cannot travelto mandalore and there are no plans as of yet to include it.-Fixed Hoth and other planets showing on galaxy map.-Fixed issue with Sith Speeder Deeds and not spawning Sith...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 306d
Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev)1786Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 306d
Development Season Forum

Season 1 "Mom I need a new car"

Season 1 Guide & InfoPurpose: Add new vehicles (NGE) into gameWe have added many NGE vehicles. Two are now craftable with more coming soon.Currently Craftable- Sith Speeder- Barc Speeder Both are craftable. You will need a small motor which ca...
Small Nugax-(Lead Admin/Dev) 309d
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