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(Jan 09, 2021)
Hey Nugax, I think there are some things that are broken.
(Dec 12, 2020)
I would think it is if SWGRes launcher uses Emus' .tre files.
(Dec 01, 2020)
I hope so, as it is well over a year old. :)
(Nov 26, 2020)
Is SWG Res currently using Publish 10?
(May 13, 2020)
Its back up!
(May 13, 2020)
Seems we have a green light again. :)
(May 13, 2020)
The server is booting back up now!
(May 13, 2020)
Adding the NGE and some various ServerAdmin tools
(May 13, 2020)
That's a rather wide term. Care to elaborate? :D
(May 13, 2020)
The server will be offline for a content upgrade.
(May 12, 2020)
The download link is now working!
(May 10, 2020)
Server is now booting back. Triple XP enabled!
(May 10, 2020)
Yes! Back to grinding out some professions. :D
(May 10, 2020)
The sever is up! Enjoy!
(May 09, 2020)
The server is currently building. Check the forums for updates.
(May 09, 2020)
Server will be back up today! Stay tuned! Message in the forums!
(Jan 10, 2020)
We are still working on rebuilding the server! Hopefully, we will have the login server up this weekend!
(Jan 06, 2020)
The server is coming back up!
(Jan 05, 2019)
Found really good Nabooian fruit; DR 785, FL 953, PE 859 and OQ 920. Brandy anyone? :)
(Oct 24, 2018)
Grats. After you become glowy, the old man should visit between 12 to 36 hours. But only if you are in the wild or a player city. :)