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Manakeep 728x90
(Dec 18, 2017)
New Vasarian Brandy on my vendor: 360 to all mind stats for 40m 20s at 47 filling. :)
(Dec 16, 2017)
Yes Bhodi you are correct which is why i was asking where it was as the server developer said it was added but no details on how to get it. Have not checked Black market.
(Dec 16, 2017)
I searched this on google and found it was a year three gift, specifically hotfix 17.4.
(Dec 15, 2017)
Treehouse schematic was NGE gift box bonus from what i recall.
(Dec 15, 2017)
I have not found anything like it. Have you checked the black market vendors? Maybe they have them. :)
(Dec 14, 2017)
Has anyone found a tree house schematic yet? Or know how to get them?
(Dec 14, 2017)
Welcome to the new members!
(Dec 12, 2017)
Thanks GearHead, nice to be back. Got back a few days ago, but while I was gone my best friends dad passed away, so a rough weekend. Nice to try and get lost in a galaxy far far away again.
(Dec 11, 2017)
Welcome back.
(Dec 11, 2017)
Have a fresh round of weapons planned aswell, probably 2morrow.
(Dec 11, 2017)
B4 downtime I found a crate o comp segments, and some hide on my tailor. So a limited # of comp suits available. Will work on Ubese 2morrow. Also got a small # o stims B&Cs. Will add more after factory run.
(Dec 11, 2017)
(Dec 08, 2017)
Welcome Yesbixx. :)
(Dec 06, 2017)
Have a safe vaca, Tarl
(Dec 03, 2017)
Leave 4 vacation 2day, looks like myvendors took a hit this week, will try and restock when i get back, but out of a few resources. Ubese armor is out of stock, only 3 comp suits left. Also all stimBs have been sold out.
(Dec 02, 2017)
Its a new month, folks! Please vote!
(Nov 29, 2017)
Welcome to Wathenjb and Stho4807. :)
(Nov 26, 2017)
Welcome Shadowis. :)
(Nov 23, 2017)
Welcome to the new arrivals! Dont forget to introduce yourself on the forums.
(Nov 23, 2017)
Welcome Journey. :)